Waste Managment

Bio Gas Management

Why Choose Us

After gaining years of experience and perspective through our involvement in the construction sector, we at BGreen come with significant insights on residential and commercial waste management habits. With an aim to add a touch of enhanced sustainability into this process, we at BGreen offer one of a kind expertise in biogas generation and waste management.

Biogas Management Project

With a global outcry over the ever increasing consumption of fossil fuels that has without doubt reached its pinnacle, it is time for each one of us to get more responsible and adopt more sustainable methods of generating energy for everyday use. As consumers demand more sustainable solutions for their waste management and energy needs, anaerobic digestion of organic waste streams provides an environmentally friendly alternative to landfills and a sustainable source of renewable energy to help reduce our consumption of fossil fuels.

The waste that is disposed in open dumps and landfills creates problems to public health and environment due to contamination of groundwater and emission of poisonous greenhouse gases, amongst others. As we head into a climate conscious society, it is imperative that we plan to reduce the potential GHG emissions and come up with alternative sources of energy which can counter the escalating demand of fossil fuels.

Our Biogas management project not only aims at providing an effective waste management solution but also intends to help create a more sustainable energy and fuel generation source for commercial, agricultural and residential users.