Bgreen Story


The BGreen Story – Who we Are

As a part of the legacy of KC Group, BGreen takes a holistic approach to sustainable development, and unlock potential synergies in urban functions.

All cities produce large amounts of waste, but instead of getting rid of it, BGreen puts it to good use. We provide full service to cover the entire biogas value chain.

As a new approach in waste management – one that leverages a unique Green Waste technology we utilize anaerobic digestion to convert organic waste into biogas. Biogas residue and biogas slurry which are by products are good organic fertilizers and can be used for gardening.

BGreen makes use of a process known as Biomethanation, a simple method involving the formation of methane with the help of microbes. When one is dealing with kitchen waste, our method involves effective waste management techniques.

On the technology side, we offer flexible options depending on the waste to be disposed off at source. Working together with best-in-class partners, BGreen offers the strength and experience of a global solutions provider combined with our local experience to help you with technology, installation and provide you with renewable energy to create an ecosystem of cleanliness.

It is our goal to clean up garbage at source, open newer opportunities in waste management and most importantly contribute to creating a cleaner and greener environment for our future generations.

BGreen joins a legacy of businesses in a group that over the years has been successfully able to diversify into manufacturing, hospitality along with its long-standing expertise in the development sector.